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The Shoals Junction Depot

 The Southern Railway came through Shoals Junction (Barmore's Turnout) in 1852.

 The first Railway station (stop) was the blue sky. The second station was a three sided building with an open front to protect the travelers from the elements.

 The original station was built in 1888. In the mid 1930's it was struck by lightning and burned down.

 This present station was brought to Shoals Junction from Lockhart, South Carolina.

It was built around the turn of the century.   Southern Railway had passenger service up and down this line until the 1940's.

 Freight was hauled until the 1972. 

 In 1975 Calvin William and (wife) Julia Lewis Robinson purchased this depot and had it moved in front of their country store (property) a few hundred feet from the original site.

 It is rumored that Jefferson Davis, the president of the Confederacy, traveled through Shoals Junction to Hodges, S.C. to catch the train to Abbeville, South Carolina. Abbeville is where Davis and his cabinet met to dissolve the Confederacy.  The meeting took place at the Burk Stark Mansion. 

 The depot was then purchased by Ralph, Roger and Jimmy Campbell, grandsons of the late C.W. and Julia Robinson.

 The depot was moved again to this present site in 1994 by Bradley movers in Saluda, S.C.

A listing of agents for the depot is available by clicking on the following link:

Shoals Junction Depot Agents


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